Wondering what a picture of a coffee mug is doing here? Well this whole story starts with exactly that. 

Once in a coffee shop, we happened to bump into a student whom we were introduced to earlier by a colleague of ours. He happened to narrate to us the struggles and challenges he faced in regards to finding a decent place to live and a job to support him while studying. This prompted us to take a trip down memory lane and made us recollect the many challenges we faced as students many years ago. Nothing had changed, the new students coming are still faced by the very similar concerns and anxiety that we had in our student days. 

Once university admissions has been obtained and visa approved, reality strikes. We start to worry about  stepping into a foreign country and learning the new rules and culture, finding accommodation, a job and of course getting on with and successfully completing the course that we have enrolled for. Suddenly, we are faced with the prospect where our priorities have changed. The planning of how to tackle the course we have signed up for and how to adapt to the new teaching methods end up on a back burner and all the other challenges mentioned earlier come to the forefront.

This is where Students Cocoon enters your life to join you on this adventure that you have embarked upon. 

With the student that we met in the coffee shop, we rang around a few of our contacts and within a week of meeting him we found him a nice place to call home and soon after also managed to get him employed part-time. It was then that we realised the requirement for a turn key approach for new arriving students. A approach where every basic need of a student is fulfilled and the student has all the time and energy to devote to his number one priority at this juncture of his life, which is to focus on his studies.

Hence, Students Cocoon was born to provide a helping hand to all the new students who are embarking on a life changing journey. Right from the time you step off the airplane to your food, accommodation, basic living necessities and anything in between, we are there to support you and show you the way forward.

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